Friday, November 6, 2009

Progression and Stagnation

My skills as an illustrator are still mediocre. They are ever improving, but some things are much more tricky to get the hang of.
My proportions are good. There isn't much improvement I need to be a decent illustrator in terms of proportions. I am really starting to understand what to exaggerate when drawing and sketching for animation.
But my line quality still licks the sweat off the balls of the suck squirrel. Fortunately, my figure drawing class is really making me focus on this. It also makes me really focus on composition and placement.
But this is all with charcoal. Pencil or pen & ink? Who knows. I'm OK with a pencil, pen I still need work on.

In Class Drawings

Rushed the rendering

Needs more work on foreshortening

Drapery sucks on small testes

Too dark in back

Didn't finish the hands

The shading on the face was a bad idea

The drapery shading is awful


That sure is a small head

The inner contours are total chicken scratch crap

So I know what I need to work on improving.
I have progressed very much in the last 2 years.
So in another 2 years all be more than decent.

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jLou said...

Hey Keaton! These are really nice! You've improved a lot since I transferred out of that class. Hope all is well, and good luck buddy!