Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This Blog Goes Out To Jenny

The stresses of finals are really pounding my ass right now. My modivation is a rollercoaster on a track that leads to average grades.
I'm not worried about failing. I am worried about my lasting impression on my teachers and peers.
This semester has proven very valuable to me as an artist. My skills have improved immensely. Although I still consider myself a mediocre illustrator.

I guess this blog is just another factor I am implementing in my procrasturbating.

I am currently drinking a Mountain Dew, a soda. I hate Mountain Dew, and I stopped drinking soda save Ginger Ale for good at the beginning of the summer. Fuck it.
Other Beverages I enjoyed today include the following: water, apple juice, chai tea, and bourbon.

Okay, now it's time for a bedtime thought. . .

If there were to be bands of animals, I think a jazz band of koalas could be pretty awesome. Picturing a koala a bass, a trumpet or with sunglasses on is pretty heart-warming. However, a death metal band of giraffes or a techno band of panda bears could be pretty tubular.


If said bands were to be huge pop culture icons there would band shirts portraying these animals in stupid poses or obligatory album covers that are too deep or artsy to underfuckingstand. Millions of people of various demographics would listen and promote these animal bands. But some of these demographics are troubled and are only looking to do wrong because they have family and/or social acceptance issues. These people will fight amongst other people who support other bands and what they stand for. This will lead to vandilization and defacing of public property. Grafitti that reads "Pandatronic" or "Bloody Necks" smeared throughout the streets of metropolitan cities will influence the younger, newer generations to join the mayhem.
There will be a few cases of Capulets and Montegues coming together to form interspecial relationships making disgusting but necesary gioalas and girandas and Pandalas.

If a Panda humped a giraffe? That's beastiality, right?

I'm gonna skip my thoughts on politics, religion, hymen, gay marriage, and Tommy Bahama for now and go right into a


My first Bedtime adventure. I think I will title it



Once upon a time, there was the land of Quygonia. Quygonia is made up of many different cultures and was founded on the belief that all are created equal and freedom is the deserved right. In this vast land that stretched over many thousands of acres lived a muffin. His name was Jake.
Jake was born in a time of war. A war between his native land and a nation called Bakria. Fundamental peoples who have lived in turmoil for thousands of years make up Bakria.
Quygonia's main interest in this other nation is their flour. Quygonia get's most of it's flour from it's own land or neighboring lands. But Bakria has an abundance of flour that the rest of the lands use and need. Thus the fight is to keep the world's bake trade rising, but most importantly the war is to give freedom to these people and to finally give them rest from centuries of conflict.
Jake was only now at an age to give notice and worried interest into the matter. He for one believed in the cause. The majority of his land however did not. Everyone had negative feelings about the war and especially of the ruler. He wasn't really a ruler, but he did represent the land. Dispite the masses beliefs that the ruler was the worst in history, Jake just could not see what everyone else supposedly saw. He thought the ruler was the best in the land he had ever seen. The ruler had been a lame puff ruler for sometime which is when the masses really started disliking him, failing to see that it was not the rulers fault. The majority oven had turned over from the cranberries -- which the ruler was and what it had been for almost 2 decades -- to the blueberries. Once this happened, the bake trade got really unstable, the cost of flour skyrocketed, the fight in Bakria got shaky and all the tons of good things that the ruler was doing -- and the people didn't want to acknowledge and that was hidden from the informers -- he could not do anymore because the blueberries didn't want him too. But still everyone blamed the ruler for all these problems that he did not create.
Jake saw this and could only feel bad for the ruler. Any time Jake expressed his views the other peolpe would actually get mad and irritated and not talk to him. So Jake did not speak of these things much. He just let the people around him waddle further away from what the founders of the land intended. Jake did however feel that the Ruler did let the land get disillusioned. They didn't belive in Quygonia anymore. Jake knew the furture was only gonna lead to more problems.
When it came time for the ruler to leave his position as the 5 star and highest ranking confectionary, the people were to decide on the next ruler. They chose a Blueberry scone. The first time in history a scone would rule the land. But no one knew his intentions or ideas. Jake thought he might have nuts in him like the brownies who believed that people should be completely run by the reigning establishment.

Chapter 1

to be continued. . .