Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hey folks,

so I've been pretty steadfast at work on some projects. I'm enjoying Motion Graphics quite well.
And I would like to share. Everything is a work in progress but I have no idea when I'll have time to go back and actually fix them up.

Kinetic Type WIPage from Keaton Tips on Vimeo.

This piece above is my "Kinetic Type" project in which I just had to animate type pretty much.
Simple enough.

Shapes of the Seasons WIP from Keaton Tips on Vimeo.

This piece above was my "shape layer" assignment. We had to use shape layers in after effects to portray the seasons. It could have been as real or abstract as I wanted, but I went with this.

All of my motion graphics so far have been done in After Effects. I will be posting more soon. I will be learning Cinema 4D soon, so I will have 3D motion graphics as well.

Stay tuned and thank you.